That Day at the Lake – A Guest Post by Rachel de Vine

Hi, I’m Rachel de Vine, and I am the guest today of C.P. McClennan, who has invited me to publicise my new book on his site. Thanks, Chris, I hope your reputation survives the arrival of a BDSM romance on the site. (You can tell everyone is was ‘Be kind to the English week’ and purely an act of charity.)

***CP Note…my reputation is in tact…and am honoured Rachel did this post***



Adriana has adored Luca since his father rescued her from an abusive man in Naples, Italy, when she was just eight years old. Her one wish when she was growing up was that Luca would fall in love with her and that they would marry. However, life is never as simple as that. Luca’s father is a Mafia member, and is killed by a gang member, and the two children are torn apart, seemingly forever.

Some years later they meet again, and Luca is now a successful businessman, but he is also involved in minor criminal activities and has become involved in a BDSM lifestyle as a Dom, and, although he is attracted to Adriana, he is reluctant to involve the shy, sexually inexperienced girl in his world.

Adriana takes matters into her own hands, and visits a BDSM club to try to persuade Luca to see her in a different light. He capitulates, and some hot, sexy activity takes place between them. However, just as their relationship is beginning, Luca’s criminal past catches up with him, and he finds himself in trouble with the law, due to a jealous gangster turning on him. He goes back to Italy to solve his problems, followed by Adriana. But there they face great danger, with the possibility of not only going to jail, but of losing their lives. Adriana and Luca have survived their early life traumas, but was this threat one that will prove fatal to them both? Will fate for once be kind to them and allow them to be reunited once more?


Here is an excerpt from the book, taken from the beginning, when an eight-year-old Adriana is running to escape her mother’s abusive lover.


I can hear his heavy footsteps coming down the stairs and I run, barefooted and dressed only in my nightdress, along the street. He is getting closer to me and his curses ring out so everyone nearby can hear him, but no one comes to my aid. He is a big man and most people fear him.

Just as I think I can run no further, a big black car pulls alongside me and the door opens. I see a well-dressed man wearing a dark overcoat and a trilby hat, get out of the car. He puts one hand on my shoulder and turns to the man chasing me. “Mario.” That one word is sufficient to make him stop running. He is out of breath, but he manages to reply. “Angelo.” The man in the trilby, whom he called Angelo, looks very fierce.

“So you’re chasing children now are you, Mario?” Mario looks angry and reaches to grab my arm. “She’s mine, Angelo. Mind your own fucking business.” He does not notice that the driver of the car, who is even bigger than he is, has come around the back of the car and is standing right behind him. With just a slight nod of the head, Angelo gives his silent instruction and the driver produces a cosh from his coat and hits Paolo over the head. Paulo slumps unconscious to the ground.

“I made it my fucking business, Mario.”


Despite the odds, Adriana and Luca do eventually start a relationship, and here is another excerpt from when an adult Adriana is now involved in a D/s relationship with Luca.


When we arrived back at my apartment, and she took off her coat, I thought again how amazing she looked. Now she didn’t even have the protection, albeit miniscule protection, of a pair of panties, given that I had ripped them from her, and my cock hardened again. She smiled at me.

“I hope you are not going to make me go home in the morning dressed like this. That really would be a walk of shame.”

I leaned against the back of the couch, my arms crossed, slowly taking in the view before me.

“You know, you really deserve a thorough spanking, going out dressed like that.”

“Well then you had better give me one. Spank me Luca.”


I hope you will take a look at my book – no buy links yet, but check out my website for more information.

Thank you so much, Chris, for having me on your blog page.


Rachel de Vine

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