Director Jake and the Toybox of Doom

Dee Lee Doo wooden dildos by Iris Trstenjak - eroticaHamilton laid the briefcase on the bed and dragged the zipper around to open it. “If you’re gonna make a sex video, a piece of art, a bit of erotica…”

“Porn,” Jake corrected.

The greased ends of Hamilton’s handlebar mustache lifted as the lips beneath it formed a grin. “Yes, porn.” As though commanding hands, his eyebrows raised to signal the briefcase was being opened for the grand reveal. “Whatever the fuck you are making, you need the right toys.”

With the speed that his mouth fell open, Jake was surprised not to be picking up his jawbone from the floor. “That’s… um… wow. I’ve never seen…”

“Impressive, I know.”

“And what is this going to cost me?”

“Product placement, my dear director. I require no monetary payment.”

Jake assumed this must be what a drug deal felt like. The man, Hamilton, was grease incarnate and oozed bad vibes. The briefcase had seemed small until Jake’s baby-blues saw the innards with row upon row of dildos, cock rings, french ticklers, vibrators, beads, and even a couple of strap-on holsters. “How the fuck did you fit that all in there?”

The men had met at the pub in the hotel lobby before Hamilton invited Jake up to his thirty-second floor room. Less than vanilla as hotel bars might be, opening a case of sex toys in public would have been awkward.

“How the fuck did you fit that all in there?” Jake pulled his brown leather hat off and set it on the dark stained oak dresser.

“It’s like a Tardis, isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” For the first time, Jake felt impressed with Hamilton simply over the geeky reference.

Hamilton flashed teeth that were a little too white as his mouth opened into a smile. “Product placement, my friend. You use these devices in your artwork and give my firm, The Pleasure Doctors, acknowledgment in your credits and this case is yours.”

Jake waited for a beat in case Monty Hall was about to step out and offer door number two. That never happened, so he responded, “Very tempting. Is there a quota?”

“We would like to see five scenes with our products spread across, say three films?”Stepping away from the case, Hamilton moved to the door of the adjoining suite. “Do we have a deal, Mr. Flagg?”

Feeling his head nodding, Jake tried to stop before Hamilton would notice.Stepping away from the case, Hamilton moved to the door of the adjoining suite. “Do we have a deal, Mr. Flagg?”

Stepping away from the case, Hamilton moved to the door of the adjoining suite. “Do we have a deal, Mr. Flagg?”

“I think we do.”

Keeping his arm low, Hamilton rapped his knuckles on the wooden door. “Good, though you still sound trepidatious. Perhaps we can seal the deal for you.”

The door opened and two tall slender women walked in wearing only black bras, black panties, and black stiletto heels. The brunette took Jake’s left arm, and the redhead took his right.

Jake looked up from one to the other. “Even without the heels, I think I’m still the short one in this threesome.”

“The case is yours, Mr. Flagg. And, for the evening, so are Samantha and Stephanie.” Hamilton stepped through the adjoining door. “Do enjoy, and I’ll be in touch.”

That there was no mention of a contract seemed odd to Jake. It seemed they simply trusted him.

The adjoining door clicked closed behind Hamilton and was followed by a second click of the deadbolt on the other side.

The redhead released Jake and picked up the briefcase, moving it to the dresser beside Jake’s hat.

The brunette lowered to crouch and moved in front of Jake. Her hands tugged at his fly and pulled the zipper tab down. Next she worked his belt open and quickly had his briefs down to mid thigh. Wrapping her right hand around his quickly forming erection, she began to stroke.

Jake sighed. He had a bad feeling about this.

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