The Adventures of Spam

spam-909485_1920Alright, I’m going off script a bit this morning.

One of the intriguing parts of writing on this site is just how many spam comments I get to clear off my system. The fact that an application is needed to weed out said comments, says something on its own, but just this morning I cleaned out 67 of them.

A question comes to mind, on all this. Okay, a few questions have spawned from this.

Who does this shit work on? Is it just click-bait in the hopes someone will click a wrong button? Do people fall for the ridiculous comments that, usually, have nothing to do with the post they’re attached to? Is it a mix of ham and sausage?

I don’t know!

“May I quote this article, so long as I give credit? I write in a similar way than you do…” – this was attached to Turn About is Fair Play

Spam may be the least erotic thing that has no issues with legality and good taste.

Wait, there may be issues with good taste, but that’s a context issue.

“I find your post fascinating and full of useful information. I shall return here often. God bless!” – this was attached to one of my old Gods of Atheism bios

I’m assuming the posts are put up in the hopes that the website doesn’t use a spam filter. Having seen comments on some sites, notably larger corporate ones, there are many that don’t.

I was just looking at, which used to be atrocious for spam commentary but it appears they’ve cleaned it up. That said, the spam providers have gotten sneaky on that site and add a comment that is worthy, but a link at the end of said comment that is not. Cheating for free advertising is how that comes off.

Regardless, I still want to know who falls for this stuff?

With phone sales, there were people who were either too befuddled or too lonely and they would talk to someone just because.

With net spam, this makes no sense. I just don’t get it and had to rant this morning.

Nothing to see here. Go about your business. This isn’t the spam you’re looking for.

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