Dogging and Spanking Approach

no idea why this is in a public park by Richard Schatzberger erotica“You have any limits I should be aware of?” Ellen pulled Travis by the hand through the park.

“Limits? Well, I don’t really want to get caught by the cops or anything.”

“Yeah, that’s not why I do this either. I’m good being caught by others wanting to join in, but not being caught.”

“No pain and no humiliation.”

She nodded and glanced up at him. “The humiliation goes hand in hand with getting caught by authority type folks.”

“Yeah, and…where are we going?”

The park was lush with the first spring growth. The asphalt path was black and still wet with the fresh melt of this year’s snow. Ahead, two triangular sets of stone slabs allowed the walking path to continue beneath a road overhead.

“The bridge,” Ellen growled. “You’re gonna fuck me under the bridge.” She bumped her hip against him and grinned up. Looking at his long trench coat with jeans and turtleneck sweater beneath all in matching black, she felt her red minidress and matching pumps left her underdressed. It was not warm enough to wear this regularly yet, but under the circumstances she thought it was her best choice for a quick play.

He was more than a foot taller and at least twice her weight. His blonde hair was held in a ponytail and matched the grizzly beard that fell well below his chin. “Under the bridge? In broad daylight?”

With the quick fuck that would happen here, Ellen was disappointed she wouldn’t feel the facial hair between her legs. Maybe afterward, however, if they went back to his place. Turning around and walking backwards, her free hand grabbed between his legs. “Don’t worry. We won’t be long.” A moan passed from her as she turned back. If what she felt in his pants was accurate, she was going to enjoy this thoroughly.

“I thought women liked long sessions.”

She giggled. His size kept causing her to forget just how young he was. Younger guys, she found, had their benefits of stamina and enthusiasm. The limits, though, always fell on the side of the experience. Ellen didn’t mind teaching sometimes and, in this case, she was looking forward to it. “Not for dogging. Again, the getting caught thing doesn’t make long sensual fucks in public places an option.”

They turned and walked under the first of the triangular slab sets.

Ellen released his hand and walked to her left. She placed her left hand flat on the slab as she bent over. Her right hand reached behind her and lifted her skirt. She heard Travis’ eagerness at seeing she wore no underwear in the appreciative groan and quick zip behind her signalling his preparations for play. A new moan pushed from her as her suspicion of his size was quickly confirmed on feeling the tip hit her cervix on the first thrust. Travis filled her completely until she was worried the tip of his cock would keep going until it came out of her throat. Not having seen it, she already ruled out the possibility of deep throating this monster.


This was new. The sound of Travis’ hand against her ass

The sound of Travis’ hand against her ass caused her to jump more than the impact. “Oh, fuck yes!” She wanted to scream, but this was not the time.

Travis struck again before his rhythmic thrusts increased.

Ellen yelped as her head was jerked back by Travis grabbing a handful of her brunette hair.

A third strike followed before the free hand grabbed her hip for better torque.

A thought passed through Ellen’s mind of how awkward positioning must be for such a tall man to fuck her standing up. Another advantage of youth is they were much more contortionist to their pleasures than older men were.

The engine and tires roared past on the roadway overhead. Roger Hodgson and Supertramp hailing “Dreamers” broadcast from the passed car’s speakers as it thundered along.

“That’s an odd tune to be broadcasting,” Travis said with a laugh and deeper thrust.

“For 2016, you’re bloody well right,” Ellen agreed and pushed her pussy back at him.

Travis sighed heavily, and his hands lost their grips on her to rest on her hips without grabbing.

With hair released, Ellen’s head fell forward just as she felt the warm explosion of size in the condom inside her. “That’s my boy.”

He pulled out limply and backed away from her with a quick zip. “No one saw us.”

“Yeah, too bad. I’d invited Hatty and Mark, but guess they couldn’t come.” She stood up and pulled the skirt of her dress back down to thigh level.

“You haven’t cum yet.”

She grinned up at him. “Not yet. Yet is, of course, the key term.”

He smiled. “My place it is, then.”

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