The Orphan War – A Brief Hiatus

I had planned on posting something new this weekend to go along with Marie Rebelle’s Wicked Wednesday, Molly’s Kink of the Week, or Kayla Lord’s Masturbation Monday…but I’ve been busy. I’m linking to all three here as they’ve all allowed me an excellent outlet to work on my writing but, being this is a blatant self-promotion post, I won’t be linking from their sites back here.

Yes, the first of those two, Marie and Molly, are the women listed on the dedication of Darwin’s Sword – Savannah Book Two. It’s partially their fault I keep writing.

This hiatus is due to the fact I have gotten heavily into the work on the third book, The Orphan War – Savannah Book Three. I have just under two months until final submission (pun completely intended) on the story, and I estimate I have about a quarter of it written and edited.

That estimate depends on my beta readers who are assisting me to edit this beast. Speaking of which, I would love to have one or two more if anyone is interested!

That estimate doesn’t sound like much, but considering where I was in the first two books at this point, I’m significantly ahead of the game.

So here’s the schedule:

  • September 18 – Cover reveal for The Orphan War
  • October 7 – Release of the Orphan War and my sixth annual 42nd birthday
  • October 8 – Release party that may, or may not include Cards Against HumanitySavannaheye

I’m into the final countdown for the release, you might say. Considering how many have bought my first two, I admit, it’s only me. But still, I’ll keep going for now to complete this. After the better part of ten years, this might be the end of my dabbling into erotica as that seems not to be as welcoming as I first thought. It was great when I was giving it away for free, but not once I started asking to be paid.

In the grand scheme, this hiatus may not be so brief. That remains to be seen, however.


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