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Good morning.

It seems I missed last week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt to promote my writing projects. It is my own bloody fault, of course, or this would have been part of that.

Director Jake and the Great Korean WhorehouseCurrently working on three new writing projects, two of which I have already shared; those being “Director Jake and the Great Korean Whorehouse” and “A Cold Saddle – Short Stories on Calgary”. As I get through this, I will introduce both the third and a fourth. The latter is not so much a writing project but will shake the very fabrics of this website.

Starting with Director Jake, the third in his series, and there is hope to have this ready for New Year’s Eve. In this one, Jake will meet Suki, a character created by my friend Mucky Sod, who has kindly let me play with her. This one is incomplete to a level where I’m unsure on my schedule. I might push it back to Valentine’s yet.

A Cold Saddle CalgarySaddle will be completely off-genre for me. No erotica at all. Based on the first couple of completed entries into this, it will be more comedy and humour than anything else. My two eldest daughters will each be adding short stories to this set, as well.

The two other projects that I want to talk about have not yet been discussed openly.

*deep breath* …so here goes…

Now I will go out of order as I mentioned above that the fabrics of this website will be changing is the fourth. The rebranding of the page will be altering what you see right now. Some point between now and the end of January, a site redo will include a new address at

With how I am publishing, and especially when there are plans to attempt more traditional publishing soon, it is time for this.

After five years of being Stranded in Toronto, it is time for that to adjust. The phrase was fun and accurate at the time when I came up with it, but it no longer applies. I’m no longer stranded here.

There is some melancholy in this. Part of why this change has been held back is working on finding a way to fit the old phrase into the revised site.

Speaking of fitting, quite by happenstance, I was sent a new logo this past week by my cover designer, Robin Ludwig. I doubt she had any idea when she sent it, but it is perfect as the cornerstone logo for how I want to makeover of the site. That logo I will premier with the revised site, so let’s call this a tease.

I do like to tease, and this will happen sometime between now and the end of January. Just all depends upon when I get it to where I want it to be and tell my hosting guy to engage.

That’s right! I said engage! Jean-Luc Picard, eat your heart out!The Savannah Trilogy

The other new project; it’s been over a month since The Orphan War – Savannah Book Three was released, and I’ve been taking a break in writing since. To say I’m failing NaNoWriMo this year is an understatement. After finishing a series that took three years to write, I needed some air before stepping on to the next one.

This trilogy is done…complete…finished.

It was fun to write, but it came to an end. Playing with Savannah, Graven, Nigel, and the rest had a finite life. The outline included the trilogy’s end during my early work on the series.

Those who’ve already read The Orphan War will realize that the final scene does call some stars into question. Thus, I am very happy to announce:


It is 250 years after the final events of The Orphan War. Savannah’s new adventure begins on a train between Toronto and Sacramento. She meets a history teacher and his little girl who help her to tell the real story.

Not sure how long this series will carry on now. I do ask that you all buckle up and put your chairs and food trays in the upright position. Please keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times until we come to a complete stop.

Yeah, as if…just hang on.


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