Director Jake Returns

Yes, he’s back…and he’s confused as to why the universe hates him…

A lipstick stain left evidence of her mug molestation.

  • Director Jake

Along with the regular cast of characters:

  • Beverly – Jake’s life, writing, and baking partner
  • Clark – the cameraman who hears nothing
  • Vance – pornstar and bookkeeper extraordinaire
  • Crimson – elegant owner of a Vancouver BDSM dungeon

There were bodies everywhere and, being the reporter that I am, I feel the need to mention that none of them were dead. 

  • Director Jake in the Dungeon of Crimson

And now the introduction of South Korean Madame Suki, as Jake heads east to find inspiration for his next production.

More licking, less yacking.

  • Director Jake and the Great Korean Whorehouse

Now available:

US –
UK / Ireland –

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