High Pitch

Author’s note…part two of a new series, Among Gods. Part one is here. This week’s Wicked Wednesday is based on a piece of music. When hearing strings, I always think of the bass, so that left me with two options…Tony Levin or Geddy Lee? Normally, there would be no contest except that the music of Rush didn’t seem appropriate here.

…press play

Paul grinned and pointed at the instrument in the corner. “They call that the Chapman Stick.”

The stringed instrument was merely the neck of a guitar with a multitude of strings along its dark ironwood body.

Calli cocked her head to one side and looked at the instrument. “Can’t say I’ve heard of it.”

“Of course you haven’t. It doesn’t show up until the late 20th Century.” His teeth gleamed as the grin broke into a smile. He looked at her from the corner of his eye. “There are some advantages of dating the God of Music, you know.”

Calli sighed. “Oh, we’re dating now?”

“My father isn’t the only one with the ability to transcend time.”

“I have enough trouble getting places on time. Transcending time is only going to fuck up my schedule.”

He reached over and grasped her forearm.


Closing his eyes, he took in a deep breath.


The surrounding room melted to black and the twinkle of stars in front of them. As Calli’s eyes adjusted, brighter stars illuminated a stage. A barrage of unnatural sound filled her ears as the dark haired man at the front of the stage sang to the people in front of him. “Are they holding flames? In their hands?” she yelled over the sounds.

“In 1987 it was a tradition for people to hold up lighters during slow songs,” Paul shouted back.

“What’s a lighter?”

He ignored the question and pointed to the left side of the stage. “See, that’s Tony Levin, and he plays the Chapman Stick.”

“That doesn’t look like the same instrument at all,” Calli yelled back.

Paul opened his mouth but took a moment to respond. “No, it’s not. But this is a song he’s featured on.” He glanced around. “The singer is a man named Peter Gabriel, and this was the best of three nights he performed in Athens on this concert tour.”

“Athens?” Calli turned and looked at the surrounding folk. “Togas went out of style?”

Paul laughed. “They’re loss.” He tugged at the knot on Calli’s toga, and it fell.polyamory erotica blowjob Savannah


“Unlike my father, I can’t actually travel through time. We’re only projected here. No one can see us.” His right hand slipped around the back of her neck and held firm.

Calli lifted onto her tiptoes and kissed him hard. Her hands found the bulge at the front of his toga and caressed it.

Lowering her to the ground, Paul pulled his toga up and dropped to his knees between her legs. Wrapping his left hand around his erection, and pushed it into her. His thrusts were hard and, were it not for the loud music, would have had thunderous slaps of his hips against her thighs. He did call out just as his penis tensed and loaded her with his semen.

She gasped and pulled him close to talk in his ear. “Isn’t being in the presence of deities orgasming a cause for hair loss among mortals?”

He laughed. “Just a myth. Only a myth, believe me.” He pulled his softening erection from her and moved lower until his lips found her clitoris.

…press play…



  1. “Isn’t being in the presence of deities orgasming a cause for hair loss among mortals?”

    Hahaha! So *that* explains it. 😛

    I’ll have to explain to my husband why his hair is thinning. After all, he’s been in the presence of ME orgasming for a lot of years now… 😉

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