1. I find that politics and belief systems are frequently assumed/inferred – often incorrectly – based on {1} the labels one refuses or attaches to themselves, and {2} other people’s (mis)construal of What __________ Means (as opposed to “what it means” to the person who is wearing – or refusing to wear – the label).

    I, too, am a centrist.

    I like ‘ethically non-monogamous’ as a descriptor, because to me it feels broadly inclusive of multiple types of life/relationship styles/structures. As you say, it’s an umbrella term. And the one I prefer. I’ve gotten pushback for using the term though, because some people equate the term with cheating; others with fence-sitting; still more with “You’re doing it wrong!”
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  2. I am not very much into politics and have to think really hard as to what is left and what is right, but what I am into is that thing I always say: respect. People should learn to respect others with their choices. The way you and Laura choose to live your life hurts absolutely no one, so why should you be ‘judged’ for it? I’m much more a ‘live-and-let-live’ girl than to wrong others for what they do, unless they hurt others…

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