Steph Curry and the Jets

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This morning a radio story made me angry.

I’m heading into work on my usual short commute and the broadcasters tell a sad story of basketball star Steph Curry.

First off, I don’t like basketball…not my thing, but I understand how it is to be a fan. This, however, is not about basketball. It is not about Curry, either. He is one of, not the one, in this scenario.

It seems they feel bad for Mr. Curry as he took a flight from Shanghai to New York in order to talk another player, Kevin Durant, face to face about signing with his team. He took a private jet with his own money and found out it was all for naught as Durant signed elsewhere before the flight landed.

Poor Mr. Curry.

All that money and time lost.

Poor us.

All that jet fuel lost and fumes sent into the heavens.

Regardless of the outcome of his adventure, I suppose he has the money and fame giving him the right to do this. He has the right to poison the air with jet fumes without the consent of all it may affect…

That would be all of us wanting clean air.

As capitalism allows ideas such as democracy and environmentalism to be bought out and silenced, however, oh well.

As I already said, in doing this, Curry is not the one; he is one of and a very recent example. Toronto Maple Leaf general manager, Brian Burke did the same thing to sign two Swedish players, flying to Sweden only to find out they had signed with Vancouver a number of years back…

I mention this hockey story with thanks, again, to the TSN 1050 team of Michael Landsberg and Carlo Colaiacovo, who mentioned it for comparison. They focused on making Curry and Burke out to be sympathetic figures.

Remember, we have the technology that these conversations did not need be face to face. They weren’t conversations about world peace or nuclear disarmament.

They were talking sports.

I am a football and hockey fan, but I am well aware they are entertainment, and these examples are going too far.

Sure, these folks and other big biz have the money to spare…but we don’t have the clean air for this.

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