Swinging in the Temporal Realm of COVID

Two of the Toronto sex clubs re-opened in recent weeks.

Pardon me, Toronto’s lifestyle clubs.

One of those clubs, Club M4, is a place my regular readers will recognize. In the club’s initial location, along Lake Shore Blvd in Toronto’s west end, it was the setting for the opening scene of my first novel, “Just Prey.” It was also the club where I was honored to enjoy my first book signing event three years ago.

swinging COVID consensual non-monogamy

The club’s new location is just a touch further west, in Mississauga, ON.

The other club that has re-opened is Club NYX in Oakville…a little further west, yet.

Generally speaking, I support these clubs on what they do and how they do it. I have my preferences mostly due to how inclusive I feel some of the business models are, but all the Toronto clubs service consenting adults that choose each club for differing reasons.

In this, the temporal realm of COVID, what the fuck are they doing, open? The last seven months have been an economic disaster for these clubs, obviously, but it is a safe assumption to say the potential hookups and group sex blow past the concepts of social distancing.

Swinging, itself, requires some mitigation of risk that those participating are well aware. I’m also a firm believer that those practicing consensual non-monogamy likely have lower STD rates due to the honesty of things. However, how can anyone justify these risks with the added banshee of COVID piling on top of it?

In the Canadian Province of Ontario, dancing at clubs and restaurants is still not allowed. How is it that clubs based on hookups and potential group sex can operate?

The last seven months have been tough. I get it.

Those thinking the entire exercise to be a hoax aren’t going to change their mind. The majority, I thought, understood the need for caution. I felt that majority would remain vigilant, especially with current hints of the second COVID spike that all the science and medical professionals have predicted since the start.

Seems I was wrong.

Perhaps the bigger problem is how personal freedoms have so many turning a blind eye to science.

And this isn’t even the US. I could sit back and blame the American influence, but how hypocritical would that be as I comment on the US leader that won’t take responsibility for anything.

Welcome to Canada, allegedly a country that respects the findings of science and medicine. We should have had this.

It seems we don’t.

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