Who Am I?

Toronto sex bloggerA Canadian Atheist…closet Muppet guru…married the love of my life, @MrsStranded, with whom I live with our blended family of four children (my two teen daughters, and her younger son and daughter).

I am just a guy who writes for kicks and hopes that he might get paid for it once in awhile. Yes, freelance writer for hire so long as you can live with some humour in it.

And, for the record, I finally lived in Toronto Proper…never did until May of 2013…only to have returned to Peel Region in 2015.  I have lived in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) for most of the last 30 years, mostly in what is termed as Peel Region on Toronto’s western border, with a short stint in Durham, north of the city.  Thanks to @MrsStranded, my living arrangements have changed significantly, and my writing career has moved from hobbyist to full-steam ahead.

Photo ©Jackie Brown www.videocake.tv

I currently write about 2000 words a day and try to post here, at least, weekly. That doesn’t always work, mind you; sometimes I will thrice daily as multiples are always fun. Yes, to all the labels on top a few more terms can be added: fiction writer; sex blogger…and, so the story goes.

Perhaps my little bio, The Evolving Atheist, should help…