Dogging Questions


Ellen pulled Roland by the hand along through the cool breeze as they walked up the hill towards her place. The taste of his cum was still in her mouth, and her pussy was beginning to complain that, so far, it had only had three orgasms. The brunette couple that had been watching them in the abandoned building was on their heels. Ellen stopped and turned to the couple. "I have a question." She guessed these two were a little younger and less experienced than she was. If right, that put twenty years difference between them and Roland. Though Roland had held his own in the abandoned building, she suspected he was not all that experienced yet. That needed to change. Roland almost fell over from Ellen's lurched stop. Turning, he saw the [Read more...]

Cold Feet

As always, we Canucks know how to stay warm in these frigid days. I now have PhotoShop and, after a few lessons, now (sort of) how to use it...time to start playing. After the better part of eighteen stressful months that involved my finally burning out last summer, it's time to get back to work. where were we?

The Man of Orange and Mad-Eye

Being the Canadian that I am, please allow me to apologize in advance for this. I wanted this to be funny, but I simply cannot do it. Been awhile since I’ve discussed politics ‘round these here parts, but there have been some things going on lately that have my blood boiling. The problem is figuring out where to start. I know, I know; Julie Andrews says we should start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. How do you solve a problem like oppression? I've been sharing a lot of Facebook and Twitter posts about what has been reported in the news lately, and I've gotten some flack about it. Those that would have us keep our heads down and claim any news against their leaders is "hatred" say we should stop it and let [Read more...]