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"Earth that was could no longer sustain our numbers...we were so many..." - Teacher, Serenity I've decided to share a few of my favourites. Over the past five years I've shared tidbits, but now something more direct. Tonight, I'm going to take you all back in time. To a time when I still watched regular television. A Friday evening in late September, 2002. Joss Whedon's newest show, Firefly debuted that evening. A show about a little transport ship crossing the Verse looking for work. Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the eight other crew on the good ship Serenity, Firefly Class. At the time, Firefly was one of the best written shows no one watched. As no one watched, they did thirteen episodes before it was cancelled. A space based show [Read more...]

Air Time

I guess world news has shut down today...if you believe our border mates to the south. Say what you will about the Yanks...they know how to celebrate. I could do without the turkey...just not my favourite...but sub in a steak and I'm there. Food, drink, and football...who could ask for anything more? I'm currently sitting at the pub and going to watch the beginning of the Dallas-New Orleans football game. Three other clients in the place...unfortunately, I'm the only one who isn't known. A bit annoying when they talk across the room at each other over me. However a fourth guy just came in...Frenchie...who I actually do know. I'm not sure it is a good thing, but guess I'm now a regular at this place. So will have a few drinks and a [Read more...]