One thing I learned from the X-Files...use vague one word titles and people go bananas with anticipation. And, by the by, bananas is not meant as any sort of innuendo to male genitalia. Also, was listening to a Big Sugar tune earlier the week, Nicotina. They sang this cool line about being the silver dollar to her slot machine... And, I of course know there is no metaphor in this, whatsoever. They meant it purely at face value without any reference to fellatio nor intercourse. Then there is that Master Card commercial that, allegedly, never aired. Something about the girlfriend's father offering to come outside and give the boyfriend a blow job if he didn't stop leaning on the intercom... I don't think that father had a sense of humour [Read more...]


"We must never feel sorry for matter how bad things get, they can always get worse." - The Baroness, Ever After Nothing like a bright eyed optimistic view on a Saturday morning. 'Worse' is, of course, a moving target. Part of why cheap Chinese imports are killing manufacturing in North America as workers there don't 'know better' or, in North America our workers expect too much. One does not see themselves as repressed if one is happy. Happiness, however, does tend to thrive in blissful does say something about blind faith which sprouts from a similar vine. When one goes godless, one never goes back. Ignorance is no longer an option, once educated, without either delusion or severe amounts of [Read more...]

Hannibal the Doberman

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks...and yet here I sit, half asleep, trying to keep a twelve year old doberman from going into my daughter's bedroom and waking her...he is just not getting it O_o He's a rescue that has been on the farm for a year now, but with the cold weather it came time to move him inside.  Truth be told, I'm surprised Hanny is still with us as dobermans don't usually live long.  His previous owner passed away last year around this time...he would have been put down had we not taken him in.  Some days I regret that decision as it leaves me with no ability to do anything spur of the moment...but whatever... If nothing else, he's a good guard dog.  Lets me know immediately after anyone has rung the doorbell [Read more...]


Everywhere I've gone today has involved detours. A road closed over there... They say that this is a sign of the bad economy as money is afforded to help kick start these projects. These projects have gotten to the point of beyond annoying. Someone has to turn off the faucet before traffic grinds to a halt. I mean, the economy is important, but when this starts to cost on the side of public frustration... Luckily, being I drive 300 kms a day around these here parts...I know most of the short cuts and can get off the clogged highways and still get to my destination in a resonable time. This morning, however, I did take a wrong turn. Usually trust my instincts on these things but it does happen occasionally. That one [Read more...]

Trust Loss on Facebook

This post is addressed directly at my, alleged, Facebook friends. I just got a very frightening message on Facebook. Frightening in that, due to past relationships and the fact that I really didn't want to fight with anyone, I had this person blocked...and yet, somehow, they were able to send me a message.  Facebook security aside, and I will be taking it up with them...I suspect I know who has been speaking with this person...well, I have a group pegged...and as such, I will be addressing that. I haven't changed other than the fact that I am no longer doing anything with expectations.  I still write a bit of charged erotica which, according to said blocked person, has been declared 'pervy' by some...much as I always did on FB and MK [Read more...]

The X-Files, Part Trois

Sitting watching season four of the X-Files. As the snow drifts to the ground outside. I used to know every episode by name. People think I'm a Trekker or Star Wars fanatic...but no...I was an X-Phile. This is the only show that I saw every episode, in order during it's original run...well, that lasted more than one season. So here is good old William B. Davis and Mitch Pileggi walking down a Vancouver street...of course it is subbing as Washington, and those two would be better known as Cancer Man and Assistant Director Skinner. Pileggi, thanks to this show, became one of my favourite actors. Previous to this, he played the typical Italian mafia goon...example would be his appearance in Eddie Murphy's Vampire in Brooklyn. My fav X-File [Read more...]


I have a few weaknesses, but one in particular gets me...the Kryptonite to my Man of Steel (metaphor only, not delusion)...the mojo sauce to my Austin Powers...the nuclear facility to my Lt. Drebin...the drag queen to my Cher... Boots. Tall black boots. The taller the better. The blacker the better. I can generally avoid double takes on almost any piece of woman's clothing...except boots. Don't get me wrong. The goddess makes the clothes look good, not the other way round, but boots are like a hook in the fish mouth ripping my head around to watch. Something I both hate and love. Let's get something straight. Women do not want to be viewed constantly for sex by guys. They deserve not to be viewed like this. Knowing my own [Read more...]