Whose Apprentice Is It, Anyway?

Press Play….

“So you’ll be in here?” She curled her fingers around the chainlink of the cage, and pulled on it.

The cage rattled, excitedly.

Mitchell nodded. “Yes.”

She turned and, still holding the cage, pointed at the other man. “And I’ll be fucking Brutus?”

Brutus smiled at her. His flash of teeth proved there was something on him that was paler than his skin.

Assuming his muscles were an indication and not an overcompensation, his cock would not only likely be the whitest cock she’d ever ridden, but maybe the biggest. Well, if it came to that. “And then the seats are filled?” Her right pointer finger gave way to a all fingers flailing in more a gesture of reveal to the arena seats behind them.


Mitchell nodded again.

“And we’re getting paid for this?”

“Handsomely, my lady,” came a strong voice from elsewhere in the arena.

Her eyes surveyed until they found the older gentleman walking down aisle stairs towards the stage.

With his cane tapping on the cement floor with each step, a dark suit, and his white, oversized handlebar mustache, he was only missing a top hat for this circus. He climbed the metal steps up to the stage and bowed with a flourish. “Crimson Drake, at your service.” His voice was crisp, almost sounding British but missing the lilt.

“I remember you. We met you at the party hosted by Norma and Todd.” She glanced at Mitchell again.

As if he had no other response, Mitchell nodded yet again.

“Correct,” Crimson smiled widely. “You and your partner were involved in the Strip Cards Against Humanity game. Once the clothes were gone, I could see how he watched you with the others, so I had to take a bit out of him.”

Mitchell blushed hard.

“You, Mister Mitchell, were tasty that night. I do hope we can do that again very soon.” Crimson grinned at Mitchell. He turned back to the woman in front of him. “And you are Lady Crystal.”

“Nope. It’s Liza,” she corrected him.

With a cluck of his tongue, he looked out towards the empty seats and squinted as though he saw an audience. “Not to them. I’m a firm believer in stage names to protect the orgasmic. We can’t predict how our paying customers will react, so I tend to choose the names for performers. Harder to connect you to a name you did not exercise bias in choosing for yourself.”

“And they’re here to see porn?”

“Live porn,” he corrected and winked at her. “My performances are meant to add some class. If they just wanted to watch simple sex, they could go to the VIP room at the local strip club.”

“Not just men in the audience then?”

“Definitely not just men.” Crimson returned his gaze to the empty seats. “And they will be dressed to the nines, as they say.”

Liza took a long breath. “What am I to wear.”

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“Mmmm, yes.” Crimson’s eyes lowered to take in her full curves. “Heels, I think? Yes?” He turned to Brutus for approval.

“Most definitely, sir.” Brutus’ words were more growl than voice.

Crimson nodded. “The rest of your ensemble is optional, in all sense of the word. But we will provide you with a trip to Matheson’s in case you actually do want to wear something.”

She turned to see a wide smile on Mitchell’s face.

Crimson lowered his voice a full octave as if to share a dark secret, “If those clothes are still wearable after your performance is not something I would be comfortable wagering on.” His eyes returned to the seats again. “Well, yours or theirs.”

“So this is a swingers club?”

Brutus laughed.

Crimson smirked as his eyes glanced towards Brutus. “Oh, no, my lady. This is the Dungeon.” He turned and looked deep into her eyes before tapping his cane hard on the stage. “Are you ready?”


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